Sunday, November 13, 2011

Suggestions for Google+

As a consistent user of Google+ since it's beta release several months ago, I've appreciated all the work that has gone into its development. I think that Google's team have constructed a well-organized and solid product that will only improve over time.

However, I have noticed some things that I think could be improved upon. This post intends to keep all my suggestions organized on one page as a convenient future reference. There will be links to the original Google+ post that addresses the suggestion, and it'll be crossed off should it no longer be an issue at a future date. If you have any comments about these suggestions, please feel free to respond to the Google+ posts directly.

So with that all said and done, here are a few potential improvements that can be made, ordered by my order of personal importance:

Desktop Application: Better Location Entry
2011 Nov 12

One thing I'd like to see in Google+ is a better way of adding location through the desktop app. Currently if I click the 'Add Your Location' icon, it doesn't give me an option to choose my location like mobile app does. It gives 'Street name, City, State' without any alternatives.

This is one of those cases where I think Facebook provides a better application feature, where you can enter a city or store location as well as a precise location. I find the location feature a powerful tool for discovering news and people, but I won't use it often if it gives too precise a location.

Collapsible Toggling of Google+ Entries
2011 Nov 11

Honestly I haven't been very impressed with Google Pages. I think my problem is that they are cluttering up my stream much more, and making posts from individuals much harder to find. They make me wish Google+ posts could be collapsed (like twitter) so I could browse my stream more easily.

Google+ Posts Should have a Separate Pages Section (like Games)
2011 Nov 14

Does anyone know why +Google+ Pages aren't in a separate section like Google Games? It just strikes me as a really odd decision - especially since the constantly updating Google Pages are really cluttering up my stream.