Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to take a picture with a Chromebook

The Chromebook didn't come with any way of accessing the camera directly, except for a few cases such as taking profile pictures and Google Talk videos. I separated this section from my Chromebook summary to provide a quick(er) and easy(ish) way to take pictures off of the Chromebook camera.
  1. Go to Personal Stuff. This is under Wrench > Settings > Personal Stuff. If you had set a profile picture, you should see it on the right, near the center of your screen.

  2. If you like your photo you can save it by right-clicking on the image and clicking Save image as... It will try to save your image as You can rename it and change the file extension to .jpg.

  3. Now that you've backed up your profile picture, you can click the Change picture button. The top left camera icon will activate your camera, and from there click the green camera button and take a new picture.

  4. When you have the picture you want, click OK and you'll have the image as your new profile picture. From there you can save it again using the same process described in step 2.

  5. After that, you can switch the image back by the Change Photo button again.  Instead of clicking the camera icon, click the folder icon next to it, and browse to your profile image.

And that's all there is to it. It's very cumbersome, but hopefully this will change as Chromebooks become more robust and increase in popularity.


  1. Awesome! Thank you, exactly what I was looking for

  2. Perfect! Thanks! Now I need to know how to get my icloud photos taken on my ipod touch onto my chromebook. All the apps are for iphone or android!

  3. well this helped they need to have a esay access camera on these things

  4. Chrome OS has eliminated Personal Stuff. Now, you can just download the camera app to take a picture that puts it on your clipboard for ready pasting.

  5. i havent read yet but will